Field of Harmony
An unique Energy Shifting and Blessing
Sia will set a field of peace, equality and love in your residence, practice or
business.  Experience support from your dwelling through energies anchored
from the higher for your fulfillment and abundance on all levels - personal and
professional.  Residents or visitors will not affect the field directly regardless of
their energy but they themselves will experience an atmosphere of positivity
and comfort.

The field will emit, maintain and expand as needed to continue to offer a
peaceful and nourishing space for all to enjoy.

Great tool to remove hindering or negative energies from
traumatic events or memories stored within.

The Field of Harmony was originally created to set a field of positivity around
a home.  It’s uses though are not limited to that.  It can easily be applied to
businesses, offices, practitioners rooms, massage/spa rooms, etc.

This field can also be applied to events - weddings, seminars, parties, family
gatherings, retreats even exams.  It helps to create and maintain a space of
peace and calm with the highest potential of enjoyment.  It can create an
enhanced experience of the happening anchored in peace and love. For exams
in particular it can help to stay focused and take the test with ease.

This field can also be applied to travel itineraries - helping to make the travel
go smooth and removing any hindrances or potential delays.  It also places a
shield or blessing around the travelers - making it as enjoyable as possible to
reach your destination.
How it works...
A special invocation and infusion will be done taking 24 hours to fully unfold
and establish.  Sometimes I will continue to work on the fields for longer than
the 24 hour period if required.

Keep this 24 hour time frame in mind in case you would prefer for the field to
be created prior to an event, moving into a residence or business.

Provide address of location in which you would like a field of harmony created.  

Provide event type, location and date(s). Remember this can be used for
weddings, parties, retreats, even exams.

Provide travel itineraries with dates and places.  Additionally, you can book a
field of harmony for your lodging for extended stays.

Field of Harmony $45.00
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Shared experience of a Field of Harmony...

I'm actually not sure when the field was complete but this last week it was tested.
My daughter-in-love and son have been married for almost 16 years but she has a way about
her that always makes everyone miserable. Most of her behavior seems to be directed at me
and try as I do (have) we never seem to get along for very long. We love each other and
we've always got one another's back but it almost seems like a power struggle for her that
never ends.  Sadly It makes every family outing, vacation and time together unbearable not
just for me but for the whole family. This week however was different. We spent seven days
together in my home in "Harmony". I thought I was in a dream. I frankly didn't realize it was
the field that caused the change until we spent a day in Tombstone, AZ  sightseeing together
when all the peace went away and we were back to the same old attitudes and antics. Upon
arriving home again peace returned and they actually decided to stay an extra day.
What a wonderful experience!
Thank you so so much Sia!

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