Manifestation Session
$125.00 for individual
an additional $25.00 per person for same manifestation goal
Please note: If you and your friends want to manifest the perfect partner this does not
qualify as the same manifestation goal as I will be calling in different individuals.
Examples of applications are a family relocating, a couple trying to conceive, three people
starting a business, etc.
Manifesting Session please select number of participants
Confirmation will follow payment and session will be as soon as I have availability -
I will let you know when the session will be done - usually within a week.
An email will be sent upon the completion of your session
with any inputs or comments that may have come up during the session.
Session for Manifestation
perfect for couples, family members, co-workers, etc.

How this session can be used...
To ease the process of relocation or moving, to create an ideal job opportunity, to draw more
customers to your current business, to set energies to support material items in your life, to set
energies to draw a partner into your life, to create a child, to get an extra hand in manifesting
anything in your life.

How the session works...
This session will be conducted individually or on all participants at the same time.  The goal is
for a balance and alignment of the participants and removal of whatever may be hindering the
goal to be manifested.  Additionally the intent will be set and energies are called in to manifest
the intent/goal to fruition.
I will be first conducting a Citrine Wash to facilitate the removal of hindering energies then I will
use Therapeutic Scolecite chakra gems and the Elohim Synthesis Divine Healing Liquid as
manifestation tools.

Please provide the names and birth dates of the participants as I will use this info to anchor with
the bodies and systems. Once anchoring occurs I will be using  gem tools, a Divine Healing Liquid
and reiki to work on the chakra system directly while surrounded with a 6-star crystal formation
(an ancient form from the Atlantean times). I will conduct the session as if you are here with me
in my session room but the anchoring allows you not to have to be physically present. Session
time is about an hour.  You can go about your normal daily routine and still reap the full benefits.
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