designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
A few words from the Gemstone Guardian of Amethyst...
V has a deep understanding of the working of the gems and uses this to create healing "tools".
It is part of his design to use the gems to offer assistance to those on planet earth who wish
to transform. His knowledge of the working of the gems lies in his heart and intuitively he
creates his necklaces with the highest energetic outcome. There are many approaches to using
the gemstones but what is unique about Virendra is his genuine love of the gems which they
in turn respond to and benefit the wearers of his creations.
Virendra sits with every necklace to insure it's therapeutic value
even though our prices are much lower than our competitors our quality is not
Please note: the color of the necklaces in the pictures is not entirely accurate - every computer
monitor is different. Most necklaces show brighter color and more clarity!  
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Tools4transformation is a home based business specializing in Therapeutic Gemstone
Necklaces. Each bead is hand selected to reflect consistent quality and grade for the optimal
therapeutic effect. No “filler” beads are used since we don’t buy in bulk but hand select,
bead by bead. Each necklace is then crafted with love & care and upon completion is
evaluated with the assistance of the Gemstone Guardians to insure it’s therapeutic quality.

In addition, because we are home based - 2 people doing what we love, our overhead is
minimal so this savings is passed onto you. So you can be assured of receiving highly
therapeutic tools at a fraction of the cost of others in the market.
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