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The Birth Story of Miriam
About Virendra and his work
creator of the Divine Healing Liquids  & our Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
It started in the early 80's by getting an Amethyst Crystal as a present.  Wanting to wear it I
designed a kind of American Indian amulet. I bought some more gems to fit into this design.
Looking at some books - I took one with me home. It was about layouts of gems on the body to
reach states of higher consciousness. It took me right back to the shop to get more of those
sparkling pieces grown under the skin of mother earth.

A long period of buying and placing those gems on my body followed and first experiences
happened. I noticed change in my behavior to others. My sensitivity to energies heightened
immensely and made me ready for  what I'm doing now.

In 1986 I shared my “Knowledge” in the Osho Ashram in Poona ( I've been a Sanyasin since 1980 )
for a while by giving sessions with gemstones and Reiki ( I carry the Reiki Master degree since
1990). Designing jewelry followed and ended finally in designing healing necklaces.

1997 I got a book about gemstones and their healing properties written in discourse form now
known and available now as: Gemisphere Luminary , written by Michael Katz.  I attended a class in
the States offered by Gemisphere and started for a while buying gems for the company. The
buying field was India. Since I had been there so many years already it was the right thing to do.

The next step was to go on my own . The company works “only " with the 30 gems talked about in
the book at current times. My love to be with gems felt a bit limited. I learned more about higher
therapeutic qualities and from that time on I'm looking into buying cleaner and clearer gems
ever.  I go myself to India and choose the gems - sometimes even rough.  The prices I offer for
the quality I supply are great ( of course in my opinion). In the "normal " market of necklaces one
hardly finds any which fulfill the therapeutic norm - ready made.

In India I get bunches of strands to choose my beads from and most times if one compares the
amount given with the amount taken it is more on the weak end what comes out. But these
comparably few beads have more power in themselves then all the rest together.  Hours and
hours are going into selecting what is therapeutic and more hours are going into high-grading
these beads into same quality necklaces. When the first sorting out is done and I start "playing"
only with the therapeutic qualities the payment for the work is on hand. Those vibrations are so
amazing that it is worth the headaches which come - sometimes - along by sitting  with low quality
and non therapeutic beads. The last “ job “ is to string them by myself. Activation follows and
blessings for the wearer.

When I first came to the States to do the gem class I got the book from  Dr. Joshua David Stone (
How to achieve Ascension in this lifetime ) into my hands. It direct clicked and I knew my mission
here on earth is to provide high energy Tools 4 transformation.  I started doing the meditations
with my gem necklaces together and it kicked me into such spaces I have ever dreamed of
before. In 1998 I was told to have entered the 6th initiation - the first stage of the final ascension.

I kept working with other books from Joshua and the day arrived when I went for the first time to
see Sathya Sai Baba. Entering the hotel room I set down on the bed and what I saw with closed
eyes was pink lotuses in every electron of the air. I knew I was in the right place again.

During my second visit at Baba's the creation of the Divine Healing Line happened (see below for
more info).  Since then Baba never left my heart and once in a while during meditating  he peeps
in by turning everything orange and filling my heart with the love of the universe. What else could
he do since he is a universal Avatar and the heart of the universe himself. We are all blessed that
he is on the planet at this time.

…may love and light…
…always be your guide…
…love Virendra***          
During a meditation in California I received the message that the baby Sia was carrying should be to see Baba.  
On the way we bought some more gems for necklaces and enjoyed the warmth of the Indian sun.

In our counting we had 6 weeks left until the little one would open it's eyes in a physical body on planet earth.  
(We were somehow expecting a male body to be born since the energy felt so active and powerful.)  We found
a nice room with a little kitchen right next to the ashram.  From our roof top terrace we were able to directly
look into the Madir Hall of the ashram and could see Baba doing his round when we did not feel to enter the
Hall and ashram ourselves.

Sia got up after one of our meditations in front of our little altar while I sat a little longer.  During this sitting a
bright yellow white light seemed to open a curtain in front of my third eye.  What I came to see was a young girl
with long hair and with my inner ear I heard the name Miriam.  I got up after this scene had past out of my inner
vision and turned to Sia asking what she would think of the name Miriam if we "ever" had a girl.  She looked at
me with wide open eyes and said, "You know once I got a psychic reading and that woman told me you will
have a girl named Miriam."
Ding - dong, welcome to Baba Land.

We still had 3 weeks to go.  Or, did we? We were in Baba Land and things are different there then in the
"normal" world.  Three days after the "Miriam" meditation the labor started.  That afternoon we had gone out to
lunch and in the evening we enjoyed talking and playing a game.  Sia only mentioned some minor cramps
which we thought to be from the food we ate.  (I have been so many times in India but Sia was here for the first
time.)  At around 2 am on October 7th (2000) the "cramps" reached their peak and the water broke.  We could
not believe it.  Where were the remaining three weeks?  We looked at each other and knew there was no time
to look for a hospital or doctor nor did we want to.  We had it in mind to give birth in the most natural way and
certainly at home (whatever that means... we find that we are home wherever we are on our travels).

It all happened very fast.  Nature took over. Sia went onto her knees and hands and I only had to reach my
hands out to receive the new life coming into the world and the kitchen space in Puttaparti India.  There was
not much of pushing and before much time had past, little Miriam was lying - still connected to the cord - on to
the breast and on top of Sia's belly.  After the pulsing in the cord got less and less to feel the cord itself was
cut.  Miriam was so little and we were thankful for it We got warm water from the owner downstairs whom I had
to wake up since our water supply was only cold.  This much nature we did not want to offer to the newborn.
Baba's love was always felt and with us.
During this time the Baba Divine Healing Liquid was on the altar and in the
process of getting ready.  Miriam got for the first six months of her body's
life the Baba liquid at least three times a day.  Now she gets what we feel
inspired to give from all the liquids we carry.

On the fifth day after her birth she  got her first necklace containing pink
and white coral to help her right from the beginning to make a "good start"
and develop a good body and a healthy emotional base.  On her fifth day it
also happened that a seat for Sia and Miriam got arranged in the first row
near Baba's entrance to the  Mandir Hall, all without us asking.  Baba
entered the hall and just steps before reaching Sia and Miriam his eyes
looked upon the little one filled with overflowing love.  Sia holding Miriam
described to me later that she felt the stream of love embracing both of
them even though Baba looked "only" at Miriam.  The blessing was given for
this new born child who we call "the Baba Baby".
We would like to say here that we take all responsibility for this child but that we see ourselves as caretakers
and not as parents.  We see us all as spirit taking on a body and that little being here is in truth not that little.  
We are simply caretakers who provide what is necessary for this child which means all the material things like
food, shelter and lots of love.  We know that in an act of love we have created through our bodies a new little
body.  The spirit who took charge of this body is, in our way of seeing, not "our" child but a child of the
Universe.  It is what Jesus was referring to when he said he did not have a mother nor a father.  His father
lives in heaven.  We know that we all come from the same source and that we all are brothers and sisters
coming out of that point of existence where only Oneness rules.  In truth we are all only different expressions
of the one source.
Today is the 7th of April (2002) while I am writing this and Miriam is now 18 months in this body on
planet earth on her journey through manifestation.  Here I would like to underline the importance
of keeping the channels of the new incoming souls open and not to condition them with our ideas
of how they should be.

If we could only trust that they are not that baby we see in front of us but instead they are a fully
intelligent being and not so much afraid as we would like them to be.  They know what they come
for as we all knew until we got conditioned with the ideas that we are only babies of our parents
and got bombarded with should's and shouldn't's.  We learned that nothing is wrong in a baby
crying and that not at all times it should be tried to stop that cry.  Many times it is a kind of work
out for the very little body.   They have so much energy and are not yet able to move it out.  
Crying provides the opportunity.  After a good cry, watch with love, the energies are balanced
again and a good sleep is about to follow.

One has to tune into the needs of the little ones and if connected rightly in love the intuition will
tell what to do and how to act.  Trust your spontaneity and you can not really do something
wrong.  Too much thinking what others think has become such a program in society and keeps us
away from our own nature of acting and feeling.  Important to us is and was that the little ones get
the breast as long as they like and not the sugared substitute of powder milk.  That for sure does
not help to build a strong nervous and immune system.  Miriam does not get meat from us and
can decide later on her own if she wants it or not.  We have seen kids with too much energy
coming from eating meat where they did not know where to put it all.  Don't get fooled by all the
sayings of "doctors" what you all need to take and do.  Life is simpler as we think now a days.  
Just find out again who you are and things will go fine in your life.  The kids are great which are
coming in right now.  They don't come for war games anymore and they do not need to grow up
cool and tough.

A little more acknowledgement can give us "grown-ups" the chance to learn from the "kids". If
any relation is a give & take in balance  greed, hate & anger have no chance to develop...

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Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We provide
high quality - therapeutic gemstone necklaces (and tools) in a wide
variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or work with everything
we offer to assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest
possible.  This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation
- be it for health, meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your
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Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We provide high quality - therapeutic
gemstone necklaces (and tools) in a wide variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or
work with everything we offer to assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest possible.  
This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation,
expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

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Our daughter Miriam also lends a hand & is a part of the Tools Team.  Her birth was a magical experience
for us and she continues to bring light, love and joy into our lives and those who she meets.