vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
These scented sprays were crafted with Therapeutic Liquid Gems and
Therapeutic Grade Essential oils - all balanced and harmonized into an
activated water base.
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INNER LOVE - Angelic Healing Spray
The gems chosen for Inner Love are:
Ruby, Purple Rainbow Fluorite, and Honey Moonstone.
All three of these beautiful gemstones represent the different levels of love,
even though all love comes from one source there is different parts everyone
has in their heart.
Ruby represents the strong love and helps bring it out with a gentle yet
powerful energy so there is no fear of love,
Purple Rainbow Fluorite is here to help bring the higher love that comes from
the source while cleaning out any negative blocks that could be interfering
with your true love,
Honey Moonstone helps makes the whole loving process easier for you and
brings out the softness of love while letting you accept love easily in your life.
The scents that were added in this loving spray are:
Rose, Vanilla, and Cinnamon.
All three of these help show how wonderful pure unconditional love can be.
The Rose represents the beauty of love and opens up your heart to see the
beauty around you,
Vanilla shows the sweetness of love and helps bring the higher love down in
a joyful way,
Cinnamon brings out the warm and strong love in your heart that shows you
can enjoy life.
The Angelic Healing Sprays are designed for external use only
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5 unscented bottles $65.00
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All of these gems and scents together make a blend that will help you
bring forth parts of your inner self in a higher and stronger way then
before without being too intense or overwhelming
INNER PEACE - Angelic Healing Spray
The gems chosen for Inner Peace are:
Pearl, Pink Topaz, and Angelite.
All three of these lovely gems go together and make a warm blanket to bring
you peace in different ways.
Pearl brings out the inner self in a calming way while peaceful energies flow
through your whole body, slowly washing away anything that has been
disrupting the peace.
Pink Topaz is here to bring loving energies and lightness to the life around
you, it also gives you the soft love you need in certain situations instead of
having stress.
Angelite gives soothing energies to your whole body while blocking out any
stressful or negative things and brings you into a higher and softer space when
you really need it.
The scents that were added into this blend are:
Lavender, Lotus, and Sage.
All three of these will help to create a space of peace around you and all of
them are here for different parts.
Lavender is here to help bring calm feelings into your body and loving
protection around you.
Lotus is here to bring out the peace that comes from meditating and helps
you to grow with peace.
Sage is here to clear out the space from anything negative, making it always
safe and welcome space to happy energies.
INNER STRENGTH - Angelic Healing Spray
The gems chosen for Inner Strength are:
Fire Opal, Amethyst, and Red Coral.
All three of these wonderful gems work together to make the perfect shield
and give you strength in times of need.
Fire Opal helps bring transformation for the better in a supportive way while
"burning" away the negativity towards change.
Amethyst gives you a way to open up and be more aware of your
surroundings on a spiritual level while making it easy for you to speak your
truth instead of hiding it.
Red Coral is here to give the body a powerful boost, making it easy to protect
yourself against anything negative and it helps give you a loving view towards
The scents that were added into this powerful mix are:
Blood Orange, Frankincense, and Sandalwood.
All three of these show the different layers of protection around you.
Blood Orange is to bring a sweet yet powerful part to this shield, instead of
sending anything negative back where it came it makes it fade away replacing
it with love.
Frankincense is here for the higher level of protection which has a soft side
but still keeps you safe.
Sandalwood is the part of the shield that protects from negative words and
feelings. It makes sure there is no way that words bring you down or negative
thoughts do.
HIGHER SELF - Angelic Healing Spray
The gems chosen for Higher Self are:
Sapphire Synthesis, Purple Spinel, and Sunstone/Moonstone.
All three of these elegant gems help bring you to a higher place where there
is only peace, love, and light.
Sapphire Synthesis is here for its affect on the whole body, it helps to bring
out the good in everything you see and helps bring you to your right path.
Purple Spinel helps you see and feel everything around you differently and
better then before, making it easier to open up to the higher and positive
Sunstone/Moonstone leads you back to the source since the source is
everything and everyone, this helps expand the higher power inside of all of
us and gives us the energy of the sun and moon.
The scents chosen for this transformation are:
Lotus, Rosewood, and Jasmine.
These create the perfect place for spiritual growth and gives the perfect
connection to higher power.
Lotus is here for its spiritual connections, making it easier to understand signs
from the higher and gives you peace.
Rosewood brings a peaceful energy but it's powerful at the same time and it
brings out the power from the higher.
Jasmine shows the beauty of everything around us and helps bring a state of
awareness that is connected with the higher. It also gives you a sight different
then the one we normally use, it is the higher sight that is connected with the
third eye.
Everything that was selected for these spray blends was picked with
loving guidance from my inner self and are made with help from the
angels. May love & light always be your guide...
Hi, Miriam!
Thank you for creating your

When they arrived, I first
opened your Peace spray.
I liked it so much and felt so
happy that I sprayed it all over
my house.

Then, I tested the Higher Self
one. Oh my God—THAT is my
favorite one! I sprayed it so
much in these last 2-3 days
that my daughter’s hairs smells
of your jasmine.

When I use it, I get this instant
“alpine high” feeling, this
cooling sensation that only
comes when I am inside one of
your mom’s field of harmony!
I couldn’t believe it!  This state
in a bottle!!
Thank you so much!
I have been feeling so happy
and so loving lately.  I
appreciate your creations.

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ANGEL GRACE - Angelic Healing Spray
Angel Space is a spray that connects with universal and angelic energies.
At this time, a lot of us are going through changes that may cause resistance,
cold behavior, and lack of heart. There is no need to fear this change as it will
lead to unconditional, divine love.
In this spray, gems have been used that can help take the edge off of these
challenging yet expanding times. Green Kunzite will help anchor your
spiritual love, stay connected with others, and give you a deeper sense of
your higher self. Nephrite helps in removing resistance, blockages, and brings
more positivity to situations. Sceptor Quartz allows angelic guidance, earth
energies, and harmony to come in with a peaceful flow. Blue Tourmaline
benefits the heart and mind connection and mental capabilities without
judgment interfering.
The essential oils for this spray are Amyris, Angelica Root, Bergamot, and
Grapefruit. This blend is meant to give you an earthy, warm, yet uplifting
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