vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
These sprays were created in loving collaboration of Miriam & Sia
We have crafted these scented sprays to use externally on the chakras.  These
sprays are comprised of the individual chakra gem and the color ray along
with it's master - all balanced and harmonized into an activated water base.
Hand selected therapeutic essential oils are then added to this potent
combination for an awesome overall healing force.
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IST CHAKRA - Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Located at the base of spine in tailbone area, this is where
our sense of security lies.
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Ruby and the
1st RAY the Red Ray and it's master El Morya create the
base.The Red Ray focus is Will , Dynamic Power, Singleness
of Purpose, Detachment, Clear Vision.
Rosemary and Fir were chosen to scent this spray because of
their grounding properties.  They work well to connect
with Mother Earth and it's people without taking on
negativity or allowing it into your space. These two  
together make a deep earthy scent with a hint of sweetness
reminding you of a magical forest for transformation.
2ND CHAKRA - Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana)
The lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2
inches in — our creativity and sexuality.
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Carnelian and
the 5th RAY - the Orange Ray and it's master Hilarion
create the base. The Orange Ray focus is Concrete Science,
Research, Keen Intellect, Attention to Detail, Truthfulness.
Sandalwood and Sweet Orange were selected to scent this
spray for the sacral chakra to open the way for more
creative thoughts.  They create a strong sweet feeling to
bring out the emotions and sensations you may be unsure of
releasing allowing an easy let go.  Mixed together they make
a musky and warming citrus scent opening you to the
chances life gives without being afraid.
3RD CHAKRA - Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
The upper abdomen, in the stomach area — our self-esteem and
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Yellow Sapphire and
the 3rd RAY - the Yellow Ray  and it's master Serapis Bey create
the base. The Yellow Ray focus is Active Intelligence, Power to
Manifest, Power to Evolve, Mental Illumination, Perseverance,
Philosophcal Bent, Organization, Clear-mindednes, Perfectionism.
Cinnamon and Rose were selected for the solar plexus chakra to
bring in more strength, confidence and protection to one's inner
self.  The Rose ass sweet and calming waves through the body to
make sure that one stays strong but soft as the same time. Both of
these together create a sweet yet spicey scent to remind one that
even the toughest people in this world can be the softest.
4TH CHAKRA - Heart Chakra (Anahata)
Located in the center of chest just above heart.
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Emerald and the
4th RAY - the Green Ray and it's master Paul the Venetian
create the base.  The Green Ray focus is Harmony through
Conflict, Purity, Beauty, Artistic Development.
Jasmine and Nutmeg were selected for the heart chakra to bring
out the power to forgive while increasing one's ability to love.  
The Jasmine is the soft and sweet part of the heart while the
nutmeg brings forth the strength of the individual and to
forgive.  It also helps to release the deep emotions so there is
nothing blocking your love.  The two combined together remind
you that you can love and forgive freely and these traits reflect
your own strength of being.
5TH CHAKRA - Throat Chakra (Vishudha)
Located in the throat — the center for self-expression.
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Blue Sapphire and
the 2nd ray - the Blue Ray and it's master  Kuthumi create the
base. The Blue Ray focus is Love/Wisdom, Radiance, Attraction,
Expansion, Inclusiveness, Power to Save.
Eucalyptus and Key Lime were used for the throat chakra to help
one say what needs to be said without being afraid of judgement
and without judging yourself. It will also help with
understanding that everyone is different and may not see eye to
eye with you.  They will help to protect you from any negativity
which will try to break down confidence. The two combined
together make an interesting plant and citrus sweet smell that
will remind you that it is fine to be yourself and not some one
else or someone else's idea of you. You were born perfect so stay
with your way of being without being afraid.
6TH CHAKRA - Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)
At the forehead and in between the eyes is the gateway to our
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Indigo and the 6th RAY
- the Indigo Ray and it's master Sanada create the base.  The Indigo
Ray focus is Devotion, Idealism, Religiosity.
Lavender and Sage were selected for the third eye chakra to help
clear any negativity blocking the spiritual sight while calming one
down so you can listen to what your senses are telling you.  The sage
will help one to learn from mistakes without making them negative.
The lavender opens your spiritual sight even more, inviting more
information to come through. These two mixed together make a
sweet floral with a spiritual feel and smell. This will help remind one
to stay open even in dark times and that within each of us resides a
bright light - sometimes you need to use it - not hide it.
7TH CHAKRA - Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)
The very top of the head is our universal connection to beauty
and spirituality.
The harmonized energies of the Gemstone - Amethyst and the
7th RAY - the Purple Ray and it's masters St. Germain & Lady
Portia created the base. The Purple Ray focus is Ceremonial
Order, Ritual, Magic, Diplomacy, Tact, Violet Flame, Physicalness
& Ground Spirit, Order, Discipline
Frankincense and bergamont was selected for the crown chakra
to bring forth higher cleansing and high frequency energies to
the inner and outer self.  This makes it easier to bring in a higher
sense of spirituality, clearing the path and enabling you to see
what is best for you.  The combo of scents make an uplifting
fruity smell to remind you that there is good in all not in just
some things and to help you to strive to see it.
These sprays are designed for external use only
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