It is important to be aware that there is gemstone material in the market which is
not good for you.  Gemstone sellers and necklace creators are not always aware of
the therapeutic aspect of the gems.  We here at Tools have been working with gems
extensively and hand pick every bead for its therapeutic value. We utilize
microscopic evaluations and other authenticity evaluations. In addition we feel the
vibration which enamates and are able to see how it effects the bodies and systems.

We can, without a doubt, say that all that we offer is highly Therapeutic
as it is us - from start to finish - selecting rough material or beads, grading, creating
harmonious combinations with the result of
hi vibrational Therapeutic Necklaces.

Let's take a closer look at natural vs heated/treated gemstones...
Basically there are 4 catagories of gems -
Natural, natural simple heated, heated/treated and man-made.

These gems are used as found within the earth without any kind of enhancement.

These gems are heated without any vibration change to the gem.
This means that no "distortions" of the color ray occurs
and you still reap the full benefits of the mission of the gem.
This is the method in which Tanzanite, for instance, is heated with
- which mimics the process gems go through within the earth.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This process is often not even considered "heated" and many
companies in the market are selling this material under "Natural".  This  process is often
undetectable by examination and testing - so companies simply refer to the material as natural.
We chose to distinguish our simple heated - to make you aware that you are purchasing
something which has been heated in a way which replicates the earth's natural process not
following the lead of many companies who chose not to disclose this information -
simply calling their offerings natural.

The heating and treatment processes changes the gem vibration and/or color.  
This process distorts the color ray and interferes with the working
and benefits not fulfilling the mission of the gem. Dyeing to enhance color or using Beryllium
heat treatments are some examples.

These gems hold a low vibration and do not replicate the needed vibration for healing.
As our technological world advances we are seeing more and more simulations of gems within
the market and various techniques such as glass filled beads among the precious offerings.
Since we are able to feel the gems vibrations - it is easy for us to detect "fake" gems but we still
evaluate using many techniques to confirm that all our offerings are only highly therapeutic.

Why buy from us....
Not all enhancements can be revealed by current testing methods, so in some cases a thorough
(and costly) examination by a trained professional can only yield the result of: "no evidence of
enhancement found" -  which is not the same thing as "unenhanced". Many new technological
advancements within gemstone treatment processes leave no tangible signs different from
those which might have been the result of natural environmental factors. This is where we
have an advantage - as part of our evaluation process includes the feeling of the vibration of
the gems to insure their Therapeutic value.   We can feel the treatment, enhancements and
even sublte heating differences and in turn we share this info with our customers so they are
well informed and know they are getting genuine therapeutic material.

Here is some more information on the subtle differences you will see and feel when
working with natural gems and natural simple heated gem expained by Virendra.  Most
people, even other companies supplying Therapeutic Gemstones, do not even feel these
subtle nuanaces and simply state all their material is natural.  Whatever choice you make,
natural or simple heated, you know you will be getting a highly Therapeutic Gemstone
Necklace when you purchase from us.

Natural non treated/heated versa natural simple heated gemstones:
by Virendra
Natural found gems are simply offering only positive benefits by themselves. They are
heated over long periods of time within the earth and are in harmony with the earth and
beings living on it - especially humans. They are nourished to full maturity within the
earth and offer all their benefits naturally. It is more rare to find high vibrating - cleaner
- non heated natural rough material which - when found - shows on the market in a
higher price class.

Simple heated gems are natural as well but use to have originally a lack of color and
inclusions.Through the heating process the color in many gems can be enhanced which
brings benefits, especially the color ray gems as: Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and Ruby.
The purer the color of the given gem, the stronger and purer the color ray energies are
pulled to the bead and to the user. The ray emanations can be much better experienced
through a great color displaying heated gem then through a natural non heated in lesser
color. Another benefit of heating is the melting of inclusions. The results is a better flow
of energy within the bead and ultimately in the entire strand. A cleaner, purer bead
displays usually a higher vibration.

Natural gem material offers through it’s natural reached maturity within the planet it’s
full natural potential. On a scale of 1- 100 a non heated/treated gem reaches to the full
100 scale. A natural simple heated gem reaches to about 98 on the scale. Even though
humans interfere, the simple given heat is only sped up compared to what happens in the
earth with the natural gem. The simple heated gems are very close to highest possible
therapeutic value. Still there are those who prefer natural gems only if possible and are
ready to pay a little more.

The simple heated gem energy enters and spreads faster within the aura of the user.
The majority of people are not even able to notice a difference in vibration between
natural non heated and natural simple heated. In both cases, the scale points of 100/98
will not be reached in a lifetime use of the gem - as benefits are experienced already at
the 10 - 40 range of the scale.

Both kinds - simple heated and non heated natural - are of real therapeutic value.

I personally am able to feel the vibration of gem stones and through it ensure that our
offered gems are not treated in a way that renders them NON Therapeutic or low
therapeutic.  I believe this to be very important since treatments are first developed
before a testing method comes out to prove it. In that sense I am 1 step ahead of
Gemologist who depend on their testing to judge if a gem is genuine or not.

Conclusion: What you buy from us you can trust and use!

..may love & light always be your guide!

Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
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