N - nice  
VN - very nice  
E - Exceptional
EO - Extraordinary
EO+ - Extraordinary Plus
EO++ - Extraordinary Plus Plus
(one of the highest energetic impact/ most times even crackless)
EO++ Extreme - Extraordinary Plus Plus Extreme
(super high energetic impact - nearly the rarest ever)
EO++ Beyond  - Beyond Extraordinary Plus Plus - Rarest ever

In between we have sometimes + (plus) gradings which shows that it's higher than
the given grade but not yet the next higher. Slight quality differences of the strands
within the same grading are reflected in the price.
Virendra sits with every necklace to insure it's therapeutic value.

SPHERE -  ball
ROUNDEL - tire, donut
LENTIL ROUNDEL - sharper edged roundel
OVAL - egg shape with tips cut off
CHIPS - irregular rounded shape

Most beads are hand made and free drilled so any imperfections are due to the
artisan's touch.  When asking the Guardians about any of the off round or irregular
shapes to use, their reply has been:
"Our focus is on the therapeutic value rather
than the fine details of the shape"

All beads I (Virendra) choose are chosen in regard to their therapeutic emanations.

For further info on gem enhancements - please visit
Information about the necklaces we carry...
Our Necklaces are designed to bring a high vibrational and uplifting energy into all our
Bodies and Systems on all levels. They work on all bodies holistically including the
physical, supra-physical (the layer surrounding the body about 2 - 3 inches), emotional,
mental and spiritual bodies.  Every bead of these necklaces is singly chosen. After a final
grading of these chosen beads they are arranged into same grade/quality necklaces of
Nice, Very Nice, Exceptional and Extraordinary.  Extraordinary is material of great cut
stone quality.  One should not get irritated by there their grading.  A "nice" necklace
sometimes benefits the wearer more then a "very nice" would do. These are high
energetic tools in whatever grading they come and should not be underestimated!
Gemstones carry the most divine life force available. This life force is radiating from the
center of the bead through it's surface into the aura (the energy field surrounding the
body) of the living organism.  They bring in light, sound and vibration for cleansing,
healing and alignment.

Different Gems have different missions. For a complete listing of our gemstone properties
Therapeutic Gemstone Properties.

Sometimes there are "buttons"  (energy blockages) within us and they get pushed through
many different circumstances.  These blockages manifest as shadows in our fields
(auras).  They hang in as clouds of lower vibration.   These therapeutic necklaces bring in
a higher vibration so that there is not much left for these low vibrating clouds to remain.
If you wear a therapeutic necklace your aura and body will be continuously saturated
with your chosen vibration. Even while asleep it is easy to keep the aura full while
wearing the strand or keeping it next to you in the bed.

We all have our mission here on Earth and mine is to provide necklaces in rounded shapes
which work the best with living organisms.

I string and knot all necklaces myself.  They are strung on at least double parachute
thread and in most cases 4 x's.  All necklaces go through an energetic and physical
cleaning and are made with love and blessings.  

I've been working since 1985 with crystals and gems, am a Reiki Master and Teacher and
give sessions with these combined forces.  All these years of crystal work have prepared
me to feel the energy of gems and to judge if a necklace is of therapeutic value.
I have experienced the healing effects of these necklaces first hand. Years ago I got
sterilized and a year and a half later I had the surgery redone.  The doctors gave me a 1
in 1,000,000 chance to be able to have children so I started to wear Green Tourmaline
(the bringer of the male energies). I know it was through these gems that my partner
and I have a child!  I know I was not the 1 out of the million because even before
sterilization process I never was able to have children.  If we clean ourselves through
continuous supply of high vibration to our energy bodies, it will effect the physical body,
too.  Most dis-ease is originating in the subtle bodies.

Working of a necklace...
The Beads (whatever rounded shape ) emanate their energy into one's Auric Field and
through it's high vibration lower frequencies are being released and erased.
What we call negativity is a lower vibration on what ever level . Either it appears in the
physical as sickness /not well being or in the emotional (unbalanced, depression ) or
mental (confusion, lack of clarity ) aspect of a “ Human Being “.

One can see the human brain just like a computer which works according to the way it is
programmed.  It all depends on how one was brought up through parents, teachers and
society.  All leave a conditioning with us and our lives are molded according to the belief
systems resulting out of these conditionings.  There are  reactions to circumstances and
habits  which result in dislike/judgment.  Those  can be changed through conscious work,
attention and awareness.  To heighten these attributes one can use gemstone necklaces as
a tool.  They bring in an energy to help erase those unwanted conditionings and set new
values to the outlook towards life and spirit.  The vibration of the gem matrix itself, the
color and the sound which is emanated from the gem are working to erase slowly but
surly unwanted behaviors and patterns - stored energies.

Rounded shapes work holistic in comparison to cut stones which work on certain aspects
only. To heal, one needs to look at every aspect of the being. All are interconnected. If
one remains not clear on one level, the issue comes back sooner or later.
The energy of a rounded shaped gem “rolls” through the auric field gathering
information from the different bodies and brings it back to the great computer the Brain.
With this clear information coming in, new evaluation can be done and old patterns can
be changed.

You can look at a Therapeutic Gemstone necklace like a computer chip, a new program.
When you insert this disc into your drive, the new program will be installed and/or
updated. The old program will be deleted or overwritten. It’s just not as fast as it
happens in a “real” computer. To develop programs in your systems, years were needed.
If now the conscious need came up to change those programs, it will also take some time
until it is completed.

Once the new frequency has over written the old program, reactions/responses will be
different to any given situation - mental, emotional and physical.

Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We provide high quality - therapeutic
gemstone necklaces (and tools) in a wide variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or work
with everything we offer to assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest possible.  
This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation,
expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

Thank you for visiting our website!
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Please connect us if you have any questions,
comments or website challenges
It is important to be aware that there is
gemstone material in the market which is
not good for you.  Gemstone sellers and
necklace creators are not always aware of
the therapeutic aspect of the gems.  We
here at Tools have been working with gems
extensively and hand pick every bead for
its therapeutic value. We utilize
microscopic evaluations and other
authenticity evaluations. In addition we
feel the vibration which enamates and are
able to see how it effects the bodies and

We can, without a doubt, say that all that
we offer is highly Therapeutic
as it is us - from start to finish - selecting
rough material or beads, grading, creating
harmonious combinations with the result of
hi vibrational Therapeutic Necklaces.
Why are the tips of the thread dark on my necklace?
In order to seal the thread to prevent unraveling we use flame to "melt" the thread
tips.  When white thread is used - the "melting" is very easy to see.  This in no way
inhibits the working but rather assures long use of your new therapeutic tool.