vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
We all experience ourselves sometimes in situations where we attend an
event with a crowd, go shopping or just simply by driving in our car
where negativity from around us jumps into our auras (energetic field
surrounding our bodies) and cling on to it.  Or even on our travels we
enter a motel room which does not really show the vibration we
actively would like to be in. This is the spray to assist us.  It is perfect for
your alter and/or meditation space.

Here I was guided to create the spray under the guidance of Elohim
Purity to help transform negative energies quickly or even
instantaneously. The energies of Elohim Purity come in as in the spray
"Elohim".  They are down stepped through arch Angel Gabriel and
anchored with pure white clear crystal.

The other ingredients on top of the activated healing water are:
St. Germain Liquid      The Violet Flame
Sodalite                        The purifier of the aura
Aquamarine                  The space clearer
Blue Topaz                    Psychic protector

This spray is available in a rose scent...
Rose will center your energies back into your own heart so your light
may shine again from within to do the rest.

Or a Peppermint scent...
Peppermint is known by itself as a cleanser of negativity. It brings in a
feeling of freshness into your aura and/or space.
Divine Healing Sprays 3 pack
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Divine Healing Sprays
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This spray at a glance...
- space clearing/cleanser
- clears aura
- removes energies
- purifies being
- great prep before healings
- before bed spray
- after arguments
This spray is designed for external use only
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Purity Rose
Divine Healing Spray
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Purity Peppermint
Divine Healing Spray
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