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Shanti, Santhi or Shanthi (Sanskrit: शान्तिः, śāntiḥ, Sanskrit
pronunciation: [ʃaːnt̪iɧ]; √ शम śam: ‘be calm’) means peace, rest,
calmness, tranquility, or bliss.

The word shanti to me embraces many things -
to be calm, to have acceptance, to be present, to radiate our
Divinity regardless...
This is a hard thing to do, as life - or our playground for learning
and experiences - is "upping" it's game.  More challenges - or shall I
say opportunities - are arising to take a different approach and
stay in a shanti frame of mind.

This spray was originally designed for a classroom situation to
assist young ones to express their energies in a positive way.  In
that space it has proved to provide more than that - calming the
emotional traumas and bringing about upliftment and laughter.
When I read the feedback from the teacher (which can be read
below) I thought wow - this would benefit all of us - especially in
the times we are in. I have been testing it our personally for the
last several months it is.

This spray brings instant help with whatever throws us off
It supports and nurtures, helps to center and restores our trust.
Releases anger and frustration.
It initiates forgiveness, brings warmth to the heart.

This spray is offered in a 2oz.bottle UNSCENTED
This allows you the freedom to use anywhere/anytime
- even using internally by spraying in your mouth.

Shanti has been crafted with therapeutic components.
I was guided not to share the the exact recipe at this time.
Buy 3 Shanti Divine Healing Sprays
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This spray at a glance...
- calming
-eases trauma
-brings one to center
-heals emotional upsets
-supports and nurtures
-releases anger & frustration
-initiates forgiveness
-warms the heart
-restores joy
Divine Healing Spray
2 oz. bottle
I just want to send you this quick note, about your Peace essence blend (now called Shanti).

Today, I had a young student who was simply having a teary day. It was close to closing time, and his leg was accidently

He had no physical damage, and the other student apologized, but his emotion seemed so raw and tears ran down full.
He did not want my bandage, and I suddenly thought of my Peace blend!

today, I sprayed it on him, and he immediately changed. He stopped crying within 30 seconds, and his composure
changed so much that it caused him to ask what I was spraying.
He noticed he calmed down. Then I told him the truth.

Then he told other kids to try it and followed me around the room telling all the kids about my spray. The other kids
lined up to try them, and some several times. I can hear laughter and curiosity growing in the room.

I can see (and kids can see for themselves and they come tell me) how much calmer they feel. Some even grabbed my
bottle to see what I was spraying. This is the first time I tell them I am using the sprays to keep them calm, and they asked
for more! I even told some to stand still and let the spray rain on them, and they happily complied!

They all were happy and calmer and became content, just when the parents are starting to come pick them up.

I just want to thank you for this great experience, Sia. What a testimony of your essence work!


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